We are a team of certified technology educationists and are ensuring students receive hands-on, holistic learning experience.

Driven by the goal of introducing young students to the field of robotics, we have been working relentlessly to reach a level that enables us to be ready to move ahead with STEM Based Robotics Training for students of grades 5th to 12th

EDEN Robotics has carefully designed a course that would enable students trained at our institute to have a deep understanding of robotics allowing them to learn on their own. The focus of our training program is to train students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to overcome any challenges that the future may unfold.

By exposing the kids to different concepts and skills, we are preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow. They, in turn, will be capable of transforming the way we live through their roles as innovators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

With an aim to lead the way in robotics education, we deliver the highest quality learning experience to the students. We offer a wide range of robotics education programs, including summer courses, workshops and after school programs.

In keeping with our objective, we plan on collaborating with dynamic educational institutions of the valley that value technological innovations. This would enable us to reach every smart kid and ensure that the participating institution stays at the forefront of positive change.